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SACO CLUB is a loyalty program created by Saudi Company for Hardware (SACO) which rewards its members with points upon purchasing at any SACO store in the KSA. Members can earn and collect points via purchase and then redeem these points for purchases at the store or on the online platform after activating the loyalty card in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Membership & Qualification:

Simply request your membership from sales personnel. All SACO customers are eligible to join the program and benefit from loyalty membership in accordance with SACO stated conditions.

Card Activation:

The customer must activate their SACO CLUB membership by accessing Only then will customers be eligible to use the earned points in accordance with Usage Terms and Conditions, otherwise, the Customer cannot benefit from these points.

Earned & Collected Points:

Points will be added to the Customer’s point balance within the next 14 working days after the date of purchase. Customer will not be able to redeem these points with purchases before that. If a customer wants to use the points for redemption, then SACO will use the oldest points first to ensure the safety of Customer’s account.

Usage & Validation:

Customer can use their points within a full calendar year from earning. All points will be automatically cancelled if not used within this mentioned period, and this will have no effect on the validity of the customer membership.

SACO CLUB membership Terms and Conditions:

By using your SACO CLUB membership card in any SACO store for the purpose of earning points, the Customer automatically accepts the Terms & Conditions and Rules of the program which are subject to amendment at any time by SACO.

SACO has the right to contact Members for the purpose of inquiring about the membership usage or to provide them with membership information.

By participating in SACO CLUB program, the Customer allows SACO to retain the contact information within its database and for marketing purposes.

SACO reserves the right to amend or change services and way of calculating points in the program without prior notification, and without any responsibility on SACO.

SACO shall not bear any responsibility for any damage or loss affecting Customer directly or indirectly as a result of program cancellation or cease, or even as a result of amending point’s calculation method whether in terms of earning or redeeming.

SACO may update Program Terms and Conditions, from time to time, Customers are kindly requested to visit our website to get the last updated Program Terms and Conditions.

SACO has the right to cancel a membership or points for any customer according to its own discretion without prior notification or justification, and including but not limited to, any of the below cases:

If proven that Customer committed a fraud on SACO.

Death of the membership holder or KSA departure; SACO will only be able to transfer Membership Data or give the membership to the claimant upon providing a proof of being a first level relative.

If the Card is used by another Customer, or in case of misuse.

Earning Points:

The member (who is qualified for reward) will earn and accumulate points after each transaction made at the store. The following table shows the rewards the customer will get depending on his spending over 12 Gregorian months, emphasizing SACO’s right to amend or cancel these percentages:

Bronze: 1%, Silver: 2% and Gold: 4%. 

100 loyalty points will be calculated as 1 SAR.

Customer purchased total sales from 1-6000 belong to tier: Bronze, 6001 to 12000 belong to tier Silver and 12001 and above belong to tier Gold.

Notes: The purchases made at SACO stores in the KSA or through the online platform is the only accepted way to earn points provided that Customer presents the Digital Card to Cashier during purchase transaction, otherwise SACO may not be able to add points into customers account.

The purchases of gift cards and gift vouchers do not qualify the customer for points earning.

Points & Redemption:

Customers can easily redeem SACO CLUB collected points in the next working day after earning from any SACO store. At this time, 100 points earned is equal to 1 SAR of purchase, and SACO has the right to change this equation or value at any time.

Points Transfer:

SACO CLUB gained points are not transferable to any other member, or convertible to cash. The SACO Club points are only to be used for purchasing at SACO stores and online.

Earned Points:

All members can easily know total points of their SACO CLUB membership by calling Customer Service Center at unified number 8003020088 or during purchase transaction at any cashier station or logging in to his account on SACO App.

Points will not be awarded for all items that fall under the technology categories

Points will not be awarded when customers pay by:

Loyalty Points

SACO Gift Cards

External Gift Voucher

STC Pay or STC Qitaf


Credit Note

Al Rajhi / Mobil 1

Promotion Coupons

Tamara Payment

Refund & Exchange Policy of SACO CLUB Points:

SACO maintains the same refund and exchange policy for customers who earned points within their transactions, however, the points earned previously will be revised if a customer chooses a refund to an earlier invoice.

Items purchased using earned points (or points and any other method of payment) are not refunded but can be exchanged within the specified period and according to SACO Exchange Policy.

Personal Information:

Members are accountable to update all their personal information including Mobile number and Email Address by calling Customer Service Center at 8003020088 or logging in to their account online.

Changes of Terms & Conditions:

SACO reserves full right to withdraw, cancel, or change SACO CLUB terms and conditions without any prior notice. SACO has the full right also to withdraw, cancel, or change SACO CLUB terms and conditions without any legal liability whatsoever towards any SACO CLUB member. To read Terms and Conditions, members shall visit our website

Other Subjects:

SACO seeks to ensure points earned and redeemed with minimal technical malfunctions. SACO cannot guarantee continuity of these services without any technical malfunctions and shall not bear any responsibility for any operational errors that may occur.