The items displayed at our website do not represent our full item’s listing at stores which exceed 45,000 items

Pay your purchases in installments

Whatever your transaction is, Emkan will finance it

up to 50,000 SAR

Application approval
within 5 minutes

Financing does not
require a sponsor

Am I eligible to benefit from EMKAAN?

  • The client must be employed and have a history of a minimum of three salaries.
  • The client must not have any bank commitments or installments that lead to a salary deduction exceeding 45% of their monthly salary. In certain cases, if the client’s salary exceeds 25,000 SAR they may be eligible for a 50% or 60% deduction of their salary as installments, or as regulated by SAMA.
  • If the client has previous finance plans, or current financing installments, they can still apply to have a financial plan through the application.
  • The client’s net monthly salary should exceed 1,900 SAR for retirees and 2,000 SAR for working individuals.
  • If the client works in a governmental position, they are required to submit a salary certificate issued by the employer, in addition to a bank account statement.
  • If the client works in the private sector, they should submit a bank statement, a social insurance certificate and a salary certificate.

Is EMKAAN available at all SACO Stores?

  • This service is available at all SACO stores in Riyadh and can be accessed through the mobile application across The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

How do I apply?

  • The request is submitted through the mobile application, obtained by either scanning the QR code or searching for EMKAN Finance in the application store. For more information, the client can reach the call center by dialing 920011038.
  • Once all the information is filled out, the client should choose the finance amount, enter the employee code: ‘SACO’, submit all the requested documents, and electronically sign the agreement. The procedure on the application can be finalized within 10 minutes.
  • After signing the agreement and the promissory note, the client will be able to find the amount in their bank account.

Is there anything else I need to know?

  • Through the mobile application, the client can specify the finance amount as well as the maximum amount.
  • Only installment amounts between 2,000 SAR and 50,000 SAR are accepted.
  • Although the financing process can be completed from home, shopping can be both in-store and online.
  • EMKAN Finance is a company licensed by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (Saudi Central Bank), and is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
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